The washing machine brings convenience for daily laundry needs. Imagine if your washing machine breaks down in between and you are left with the laundry to sort out all by yourself. It is quite frustrating, isn’t it?
Well, as soon as face any problems with the washing machine, do not delay schedulinga washing machine repair service to avoid further complications. You may face spinning, draining, machine not turning on and many other issues that need immediate attention.
Carthage Appliance Repair can help you with same-day repair service for your washing machine. Our expert repair technicians will reach your place to identify the cause and repair your washing machine.

Common issues you may encounter with your washing machine

Once you notice issues with your washing machine, we suggest you take immediate action by scheduling a reliable repair. The sooner the better as delays can worsen the damages.
Our technicians can help you resolve the following issues


Spinning problems with washing machine

When the washing cycle reaches the spinning phase, you may get an indication that the washer is not spinning.

Washing machine not turning on

A lot of people face this issue with their washing machines. It can occur due to an off-balance, tripped switch through an uneven load. It can be resolved by redistributing clothes. In case the problems lie with the outlet or timer circuitry, our technicians can handle the issue efficiently.

Too muchvibration

If you come across too much vibration, it means the washer is not leveled correctly. Also, it may be placed on a worn-out wood floor. Do not worry as our expert washing machine repair technicians can identify the cause and fix them within no time.

No agitation problem
The problem can occur due to a damaged drive belt, drive spindle, agitator assembly, etc. Only certified can assist you to fix the issue.
Water draining issues
Water may stay in the drum if the pump is defective, clogged drain hose, or damaged drive belt. If the water doesn’t drain well, it can result in serious issues.

Leakage in the washing machine

Leaking tubs, pumps, loose hoses, etc are responsible for water leaks in your washing machine. After diagnosing the exact problem, our trained technicians can help you fix the problem.

Spots seen on clothes after wash cycles

Sometimes spots are not removed with water and soap. With the help of our expert technician, you can resolve this issue as well.

We help you repair all makes and models of washing machines. We repair different types of washing machines like

• Front loading
• Top loading
• Semi washing machine
• Automatic washing machine

We help you schedule the same day or emergency repairs as well. We are well equipped with trained technicians and equipment that facilitate quick repairs. We do not want you to wait or keep your laundry untidy. Hence, offer timely service to offer repair for all washing machine-related problems. Do not try to repair your washing machine on your own. It can result in a mess and further complications that would cost more.